v.u.f.o.c: an Extraterrestrial Study Center

An interdisciplinary lab, and develop various project and research. v.u.f.o.c main focus is democratizing science and technology. They produced series workshop, exhibition, discussion and presentation. The purposes of these initiative were: – to classify all the communities that worked in advanced technology development in Yogyakarta, other cities in Indonesia, and globally. – to create a … Read more


HONFabLab: FabLab Yogyakarta

a MakeSpace, a Co-WorkingSpace, a Fabrication Lab HONFablab [Fablab Yogyakarta] is the first FabLab in Indonesia, and even in South East Asia. Fablab in accordance with the vision and mission of the EFP HONF (Education Focus Program). is a program that was carried by HONF and conducted independently and militants during a period of more … Read more



HONFactory (HONF:Media) means a space to study, learning and sharing through various medium : media as a physical space and as conceptual space. Media as a physical space is assumed to be research and experiments in a specific room, intended for accuracy, and the achievement of set goals. currently no website